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What strange times we are living in -- with people fretting over a simple thing like wearing a mask when it could save a life . . . or more than one. We can now catch a glimmer of what it must have been like when the Bubonic plague ravaged communities. There were probably people who refused to stay a safe distance away from others then, too.

I don't really fool myself that we're in the worst of times when you compare them to what people went through in the 20th century. I look back at the sacrifices my parents had to make in WW II. No butter or sugar. No gasoline. My mother's wedding dress had to be made out of parachute silk, as did all her friends'. To have a wedding cake, several of her friends had to donate a cup of sugar each, a major portion of their ration -- and this was more than a year after the war was over. Pictures of my mother and her friends show how thin they all were, yet what they went without was nothing compared to what people in Europe and Asia endured.

I won't even get into the sacrifice my father made, losing years of his youth and risking his life time and again to make amphibious landings under fire.

And yet, if you've ever watched episodes of Foyle's War, you know there were black marketeers and profiteers and people who just believed the laws and limitations were for others, not them, even in England where every single person was needed to fight to stay free from Hitler.

So, people haven't changed. There are the selfless and the selfish, the aware and the clueless, those who cooperate for the good of all and those who have to have their way. Our only hope is if the former outnumber the latter. Until recently, I took it for granted that was true, especially in America, but we are learning how easy it is to turn some people into members of groups that would give up respect for our laws, our system of government, our Constitution, and civil society to conspiracy theorists, vigilantes, looters, and racial supremacists.

You have to wonder if the scofflaws just don't see the risks to our country in their behavior or if they genuinely don't care if their actions lead to someone's death or the loss of the American ethic.

The fiction I write is for escape, but I hope it also throws light on another time. Sometimes the parallels are striking; other times they're more subtle. Recently many are evoking the days when the Spanish Flu killed more people than any world war. For those who missed that in history class, there are some good lessons to learn, mainly that invisible germs are real and we have to take measures to protect each other.

There has never been a time in history when people were perfect, so I console myself with the fact that in spite of recent indications to the contrary, the human race has made progress. COVID-19 will undoubtedly set us back some, so let's hope our amazing scientists can find a good vaccine soon and we can get back on a positive track.

The virus has overturned and/or taken many lives. While I and mine are still fine, it has led to changes in my life as well. That is one reason why my new book, Private Ends will only be printed in a collectors' edition. The wonderful printer that produced the first six books went out of business, but I hope the new one will reproduce the quality of the previous volumes. Without the ability to promote sales in public -- no book tours or signings -- it just makes sense to print a number that are sure to sell, before moving into e-books. There are other reasons I'm fine with this, my age being one, but the pandemic cemented the decision I was already tending towards. The last book in the series, still to be plotted, titled and written, will be brought out in the same way. So, if you want a hardcover, just be aware that numbers are limited.

My continuing Public Service Announcement: The CDC has finally counted the number of diagnosed cases of Lyme disease in the U.S. and reported 300,000 new cases annually. This does not include the thousands of undiagnosed and misdiagnosed cases. This is a lot of people, many who will never be able to enjoy life again. Please find out how to protect your family from Lyme disease. You can read about Lyme Disease at

And while I'm preaching, please check out my favorite causes, in case you want to join me. There's a link on the left of this page.

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