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Every title in the Blue Satan mystery series on my Books page is available through Baker & Taylor Books, a major wholesaler to the library and retail markets. If you place an order with a bookseller, who should have an account with Baker & Taylor, they will be able to special order the books for you. Expect delivery to take up to two weeks. You can also ask your local library to order a copy.

The last two books in the series, Private Ends and whatever the last book will be titled, will only be orderable from me. They will be listed on and I will try to get them on I will have a few copies at home that can be autographed, so if you want an autographed copy, email me.

All the titles are available on All the hardcovers for the Blue Satan mystery series, plus the first three titles in paperback, are available in print. Go to and search for Patricia Wynn. You will find the titles: The Birth of Blue Satan; The Spider's Touch; The Motive from the Deed; A Killing Frost; Acts of Faith; Whisper of Death, and Private Ends. Look for the listing that says, "Direct from publisher." These are heavily discounted, brand new copies, sold by me, Patricia Wynn. The prices reflect my cost for the books adjusted higher if there are not many copies left.

You may see copies posted for 1 cent. I don't know why anyone would bother selling a book for 1 cent, but I can assure you those books are not brand new. Mine are directly from the printer. In any case, I hope you will choose to buy copies from me personally to give me some remuneration for my work. If not, no hard feelings.

I will also establish some relationships with a few special mystery bookstores. The first of these is Mystery Ink in Huntington Beach, CA. If you want a signed first edition, the owner Debbie Mitsch can get you one, but you will need to pay full price for the book. She can phone me and I can run up there and sign one.

Most of my older titles are now available as e-books fromBelgrave House or Regency Reads as well as in Kindle, Nook and other E-reader formats from the Kindle and Nook stores. The first four volumes in the Blue Satan mystery series are also in e-book with the fifth to come soon.

Old print copies may be found in some used bookstores and on sites like

For an autographed copy of my Regencies, please contact me directly, as I keep a small stock. Some of the Regencies are no longer available, even from me, as I have run out, but if you ask, I'll see what I can find.

Some of my Regencies were reprinted in large print and hardcover formats by Thorndike and Five Star. Check your local libraries for these.

If you still have problems finding my books, feel free to email me at

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