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Patricia Wynn
Cover of Poetic Justice by Patricia Wynn

Available from Pemberley Press

Poetic Justice

by Patricia Wynn

Book 8 and final episode in the Blue Satan Mystery Series

$29.95US / $40.95Canada

St. Mars, France, 1727

Ten years have passed since the outlaw Gideon Fitzsimmons, Viscount St. Mars, and his wife Hester escaped from England to France to seek a happy life. While the years have brought them many joys, the haven they sought has been fraught with danger and the future for their family looks bleak.

Then word comes that George I of Great Britain has died and his son George II has ascended the throne, a succession that was not at all certain when they left England's shores. The old King, under the influence of Gideon's enemies, had always refused to consider his pleas of innocence, but Hester had found a secret supporter in Caroline, Princess of Wales, now the Queen.

It is time to return to England for one desperate chance to establish Gideon's innocence and claim his patrimony; but the moment they land an unknown enemy strikes. Is it Harrowby, the cousin who wishes to keep the title Earl of Hawkhurst or is someone else trying to stop them? Another old enemy stalks Hester, but is it he or someone else who threatens Gideon's life?

This final chapter in the saga of Blue Satan and Mrs. Kean grabbed me from the start and didn't let go. The proof? I started reading in the morning and couldn't go to bed that night until I'd finished the book — the perfect ending for a terrific series.

--Kathy Lynn Emerson, Winner of an Agatha Award
Author of over 70 books, including Death of an Intelligence Gatherer

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