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Private Ends

by Patricia Wynn

Book 7 in the Blue Satan Mystery Series

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London, 1717

Married now, Hester returns to Hawkhurst House to resume her place as waiting woman to her cousin Isabella, while St. Mars searches the coast of Kent for a ship to smuggle them into France. She arrives to find another crisis in her family, but she has barely begun dealing with it when she receives an emissary from King George. Word has reached him that it was Hester who exposed the murderer at Court last spring. Now, someone has tried to kill the Lord Chamberlain, and the King needs someone discreet to investigate.

No one can refuse a royal summons, so Hester must move into the Palace. She learns quickly that the King's suspicions have been strengthened by the serious rift in the Whig Party; but his worst fears are centered on someone more important than a few ousted ministers.

With too many potential suspects and hampered by secrecy, Hester can make little progress on her own. St. Mars, and his alias Blue Satan, must help her sort through the list of suspects by reaching back to the days of Queen Anne to a similar crime.

The pressure on Hester mounts, as the safety of the realm and the Hanoverian succession head faster and faster towards disaster.

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