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Honorable Mention from Writers Digest in the Genre Category
Finalist (Silver Medal) for a Benjamin Franklin Award for Best First Book--Fiction--from a New Publishing House from the Publishers Marketing Association


1. What does this book tell us about the choices women had in 1715?
2. Why was George, the Elector of Hanover, made King of England, instead of James Stuart, the next in line to the throne?
3. The first political parties were created less than fifty years before the setting of this novel. How do they compare to our political parties today?
4. Why does Mr. Letchworth contemplate treason?
5. Would the motive for Lord Hawkhurst's murder be a motive for murder today?
6. What is the source of the ill-feeling between Gideon and James Henry?
7. Why does Mrs. Mayfield prefer Harrowby to Gideon as a husband for her daughter?
8. Why is the justice of the peace so quick to arrest Gideon for his father's murder?
9. What attitudes about marriage are explored in this book?
10. Do you think the Duke of Bournemouth is correct in his assessment of Isabella's character?
11. What is Tom's role in this novel?
12. What character flaws of Gideon's lead him into his situation?
13. Did Lord Hawkhurst commit treason?
14. Why does the Duke of Bournemouth agree to help Gideon?
15. Why are Gideon and Hester unable to prove his innocence?

   A Brief Synopsis of THE BIRTH OF BLUE SATAN

It is 1715, many decades before a police force in Britain, and less than a year after George of Hanover's controversial accession to the English throne. A conspiracy to restore the Crown to the Pretender, James Stuart, is about to erupt in rebellion.

The Whigs are in power again and eager to take revenge on the Tories in the days when gentlemen's arguments were solved with swords.

Falsely accused of murdering his own father, Gideon Fitzsimmons, Viscount St. Mars, must hide from the men who want to hang him, while trying to unmask his father's killer. An outlaw, he must detect under cover of night to avoid being caught.

Fortunately, he has one true-hearted friend, Hester Kean, waiting woman to the lady he hoped to make his wife. Mrs. Kean becomes his eyes and ears in the society he has lost. Together, they solve the mystery and forge a bond that carry them through the challenges and adventures of their dangerous times.

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